About Us


GreyFree, the original touch-up hair colour, was created by James T. Giuliano(left) in Boston, MA. This truly innovative product was originally developed for actors and actresses for the “Big Screen”, and was used by many famous make up artist.
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GreyFree was reintroduced by David Giuliano, James` grandson, with the goal of bringing  100% grey coverage from the “Big Screen” to “mainstream”. GREYFREE was reborn with a new and improved formulation in nine classic shades.
Visit: www.greyfree.com


ColorMe was introduced. The most versatile and intense colors available in a temporary hair color. The unique formulation allows you to add color over dark hair, including level 1, without bleaching.


David has since made the product available in 9 different shades and introduced Colorme and Proshots to the world. This new cutting edge direct dye color system is unsurpassed in performance and shade selections. The major turning point for Dreamlook was In 2007 When Melissa Williams partnered with David in both business and life.  Together David and Melissa Giuliano have grown the business to where it is today. As CFO of Dreamlook Melissa’s strategies have created double growth every year for the last 6 years. Our formulations continue to be improved year after year to insure the highest quality colour available in the professional market. We are consistently working on developing new and innovative products and tools for the salon professional and their clients.

For more information about GreyFree or ColorMe products please contact us at:
Dreamlook, Inc. 250 Canal Street, Lawrence, MA. Tel: (978) 356-5559 Fax: (978) 356-2071 Email: info@colormepro.com